Side Trays

We produce a range of aluminium seat box side trays polyester powder coated in a range of colours. We have 3 standard sizes at present (although we can custom make to your requirements) the small side tray, medium side tray and large side tray.

Each of our side trays are made from high quality 1.6mm aluminium. Please note the large side tray does not come with the bendy leg, these are purchased separately.

The side trays have stainless steel threads and are available in a range of diamaters to fit your seatbox, these are 25mm, 30mm, 32mm and 36mm.


Small Side Tray

300mm x 400mm
£49.50 + Carriage


Medium Side Tray

400mm x 505mm
£99.00 + Carriage


Large Side Tray

500mm x 600mm
£121.00 + Carriage

Extra Large

Extra Large Side Tray

510mm x 670mm
£148.50 + Carriage

Medium Narrow

Medium Narrow Side Tray

650mm x 350mm
From £94.50 + Carriage

Large Narrow

Large Narrow Side Tray

800mm x 400mm
From £137.50 + Carriage

Extra Large Narrow

Extra Large Narrow Side Tray

800mm x 500mm
From £155.00 + Carriage

Slimline Back Tray

Slimline Back Side Tray

800mm x 325mm
£85.00 + Carriage

To enquire about or order a side tray, please complete the form here or alternatively please call us on 01527 877775 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.